Herbaceous Perennials Production


This guide is a comprehensive information source that considers the diversity of situations encountered by growers in businesses of all sizes.

The 220-page book maintains a focus on production and contains information that until now was available only in piecemeal form. It discusses the basics-such as taxonomy and nomenclature, plant hardiness, the physical needs of crops, and types of irrigation systems-as well as cutting-edge, research-based information about perennial propagation and production. The focus is on nursery and greenhouse production of field or container perennials, but the greenhouse plug and bedding plant methods of production are covered as well.

Key chapters in the book discuss production systems and schedules, propagation (including media, nutrients, environmental requirements, and methods), plug production, transplant and seedling care, nursery and field production, and pest control (including deer and small animals).

A chapter about forcing out-of-season bloom includes up-to-date information about research on this topic as well as a table of specific forcing requirements for over 120 perennial species and cultivars. Practical discussions about starting a business, marketing and customer service, setting prices for plants, and designing a production facility are included as well.

Appendices detail propagation methods and requirements for hundreds of
species, optimum germination conditions for specific perennials and
biennials, pests and diseases, and useful calculations and conversions.
Thirty-eight figures, 45 tables, a glossary, and an extensive references
section supplement the text.


Item #: NRAES93