Marijuana Harvest


Marijuana Harvest is the first book devoted entirely to cannabis harvesting. In it, Ed Rosenthal and David Downs explain how to ensure the perfect harvest – everything from recognizing when it’s time to pick, to storage techniques to keep your buds fresh.

Ed Rosenthal literally wrote the book on marijuana cultivation with his best-selling Marijuana Grower’s Handbook.

Marijuana Harvest is the most important cultivation tool of the season. Readers will learn about:
– Flushing: How and when to flush.
– Ripening: The best time to pick.
– Manicuring and Processing: Speed it up with new tools for both hand and machine trimming .
– Drying and Curing: How to avoid mildew and mold contamination.
– Storing: Keeping your buds fresh and potent.

Today, more Americans than ever before have the ability to grow and cultivate marijuana for medical and personal use. Marijuana Harvest teaches cultivators large and small, how to avoid making costly mistakes, identify problems.


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