Plant Empowerment: The Basic Principles


Plant Empowerment: The Basic Principles details how an integrated approach based on physics and plant physiology leads to a balanced growing method for protected crops resulting in healthy resilient plants, high yield and quality, low energy costs and economic greenhouse concepts.

Plant Empowerment is a new approach to growing crops in greenhouses, also known as “Next Generation Growing”. It is based on a combination of physical and physiological principles rather than experiences, human feelings, and green fingers. Plant Empowerment aims to optimise growth by supporting the plant in keeping its balances regarding energy, water and assimilates in equilibrium.

Growing by Plant Empowerment (GPE) brings the different existing pieces of experience and knowledge together in an integrated approach. Its starting point is the natural behaviour of plants related to the greenhouse environment described by six balances concerning energy, water, CO2 and assimilates. Monitoring these balances utilizing sensors, combined with crop measurements in a coherent framework based on physical and plant physiological knowledge and insights, provides hard facts required to control and improve the cultivation process. This is also called: “Data Driven Growing”.

Plant Empowerment has been written by ir. P.A.M. (Peter) Geelen, ir. J.O. (Jan) Voogt, and ing. P.A. (Peter) van Weel. They can be considered as the original founders of the cultivation method “Het Nieuwe Telen“ (HNT), also called “Next Generation Growing”, that has become the new standard for the Dutch horticultural industry in the recent years. For this reason, they have decided to write a revised and extended version of their successful Dutch book “De basisprincipes van Het Nieuwe Telen” in English, to make these innovative insights and methods available worldwide.


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