Sustainable Landscape Management: Design, Construction, and Maintenance


The complete guide to the sustainable management of landscapes

A must-have guide for anyone working with landscapes, Sustainable Landscape Management eases the transition of the landscape industry into a new era of green consciousness. Filled with examples that illustrate best practices, the book provides a practical framework for the development of sustainable management strategies from design to execution and, eventually, to maintenance in an effort to construct landscapes that function more efficiently and minimize the impact on the environment.

Sustainable Landscape Management includes:
* An overview of sustainable design and construction techniques as the basis for the maintenance and management of constructed landscapes
* Coverage of ecosystem development, managing landscape beds, managing trees and shrubs, and lawn care
* An entire chapter devoted to issues associated with the use of chemicals in landscape management
* Guidance on retrofitting existing landscapes for sustainability

Reshaping the landscape takes on more significance as society embraces a new value system for advancing environmentally friendly ideals. By following the management principles laid out in this book, readers will learn the key elements for building landscapes that integrate beauty and function to create a sustainable presence that extends well into the future.


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