The Complete Guide to Garden Center Management


International retail consultant John Stanley has his roots in garden centers – he started working with nurseries and garden centers and branched out to the general retail world. He now brings insights and perspectives from these other markets to help garden centers compete with the other lifestyle choices their customers face when looking to spend their leisure dollars.

John offers helpful direction for:

* Selecting a location
* Obtaining financing for construction and remodeling
* Selecting store fixtures
* Arranging traffic flow in your center
* Creating an effective signage plan
* Hiring qualified team members
* Making the sales and add-on selling
* Benchmarking your business
* Doing business on the Web
* Opening a coffee shop in your garden center

Whether you want to open up a brand new garden center, remodel or relocate an existing one, or are just looking to do what you do a little better, John Stanley will help you get the most from your business.


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