The Mathematics of Turfgrass Maintenance, 4th Edition


Everything you want to know about turfgrass calculations—now even more complete

A great deal of mathematical knowledge is required of golf course management. From budgeting estimates to ordering topdressing, to
irrigation volume and coverage, to many other parts of golf course operation, a thorough understanding of basic mathematical principles
and the ability to relate those principles to real-world situations is an absolute must.

This new and expanded edition of this classic reference is loaded with all the information you need, covering the mathematical problems that a golf course superintendent faces every day, along with many sample situations. Now offering more models and problems, along with detailed answers, this is an ideal reference for anyone studying for GCSAA certification. Each chapter relies on using mathematical proportions and a logical, methodical approach to solve problems. Some of the topics featured include:

  • Area calculations
  • Volume calculations
  • Fertilizer and pesticide calculations
  • Achieving precise spreader and sprayer calibrations
  • Irrigation calculations
  • Seeding rate calculations
  • Application of small amounts of materials to greenhouse pots


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