Turfgrass Maintenance Reduction Handbook: Sports, Lawns and Golf


Encyclopedic coverage of sure-fire strategies for maintaining your lawn, sports field, golf course, or park in perfect condition while using less water, fertilizer, mowing, pesticide, and labor!

A major strength of the book is the wealth of information presented on management strategies, complete with do-it-yourself instructions for site selection, soil preparation, seed rates and planting, turf establishment, and renovation. Time and cost-saving techniques for effective mowing, thatch control, pest management, water conservation, water management, fertilizer use, stress management, and pest management are presented in a user-friendly manner—complete with helpful checklists, and step-by-step instructions. A vast amount of useful reference material will ensure the success of your maintenance program. No other book covers virtually every aspect of successful turf management.


  • Covers every aspect of a successful turfgrass maintenance program.
  • Presents hundreds of cost-saving methods.
  • Tips to reduce labor.
  • Simple step-by-step instructions.
  • Hundreds of photographs and drawings.
  • Encyclopedic reference material.
  • Unique turf selection guidelines.
  • Fundamentals of turfgrass soils.


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