2400: Standard for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) Used for Public Safety Operations


Utilize small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) in public safety and emergency response operations with confidence with the new NFPA 2400.

The first edition of NFPA 2400, Standard for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) Used for Public Safety Operations provides the foundation for departments to develop sUAS programs based on the most current industry knowledge and best practices. This all-encompassing standard covers the implementation, deployment, and use of UAS in the public safety community to enhance capabilities in inspections, search and rescue, fire scene efforts, and other operations.

NFPA 2400 provides a roadmap for employing small drones for incident response operations, including:

  • Primary concerns and procedures for integrating sUAS into a public safety program
  • Considerations and organizational deployment requirements for program development, assessment, general operations, and multiple aircraft operations
  • Professional qualifications for public safety personnel, and minimum job performance requirements that can be evaluated and tested for remote pilots in command
  • Pre-flight checklists, risk assessment procedures, and considerations of mission objectives
  • Requirements for maintenance of sUAS covering core procedural elements such as cleaning, decontamination, and record keeping

NFPA 2400 answers the call for a uniform standard for the use of drones by public safety agencies.

This essential resource establishes standard procedures for utilizing state-of-the-art aerial emergency response robotics to enhance your department’s capabilities.

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