25: Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems & Handbook Set


Keep sprinkler systems in top shape with the NFPA 25 Set. Conduct ITM correctly to help ensure fire protection systems are ready to function as designed.

Sprinklers are proven to reduce fire tragedies and loss, but even the best-designed and installed system can fail without proper ITM. Do your best to correctly inspect, test, and maintain sprinklers properly to keep them in top condition and ready to respond if fire strikes. NFPA’s money-saving 2017 edition NFPA 25 and NFPA 25 Handbook Set is the power-packed resource team you need on the job.

SAVE on the Set while you safeguard people and property using:

  • The 2017 edition of NFPA 25: Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems – the benchmark for sprinkler care, with comprehensive requirements for maintaining suppression systems for peak performance. Updated ITM tables throughout, new residential sprinkler replacement rules, added criteria covering automated inspections and testing, and other revisions make this edition essential. Shading on changes makes it easy identify new or revised text.
  • The NFPA 25 Handbook: ITM of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems – your go-to source for on-demand answers to ITM questions. A vital companion to today’s Standard, the Handbook strengthens your understanding of the intent behind provisions and the function of different systems and components. Work with hands-on access to step-by-step testing procedures; sample inspection, testing, and maintenance forms; a special ITM versus Design Evaluation feature; updated FAQs; plus explanations and practical application advice written by experts. The entire 2017 text of NFPA 25 is included for reference, and 100+ full-colour visuals round out this tool for sprinkler care and compliance.

Get the complete picture on water-based fire protection ITM procedures and how to implement them correctly.

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