Decontamination Team DVD


Provides Technician and Operations level training for emergency response personnel and for remediation workers who may be assigned to carry out decontamination activities.

  • How to select and set up the decontamination area
  • Duties of the Decon Unit Leader
  • Illustrates the most current decontamination methods
  • How to select a compatible method for the particular situation
  • Factors that contribute to the severity of contamination
  • Steps to take to minimize exposure
  • How to detect contamination
  • The importance of pre-planning in order to determine materials and equipment needs
  • The basic stations of the decontamination process are explained
  • Preventing secondary contamination
  • Controlling runoff and contaminated waste resulting from decon activities
  • Checking the effectiveness of decon operations
  • Leader’s Guide Included


Item #: DC9201

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