Electrical Safety: Systems, Sustainability, and Stewardship


Learn How to Implement Safety Codes and Regulations Effectively

A number of electrical fatalities and injuries that occur each year can be overcome by a thorough understanding of electrical concepts. Yet due to the complexity of regulatory requirements, many safety professionals may not be fully equipped to handle the task. Electrical Safety: Systems, Sustainability, and Stewardship addresses the problem by simplifying the knowledge acquisition process, and arming safety professionals with the tools needed to successfully meet safety and efficacy goals. From power generation facility to electrical device, this text combines knowledge of industry standards, regulations, and real-world experience to provide a detailed explanation of electrical power generation, transmittal, and use.

Explains the Concepts behind Electric Code

The book introduces the basic sustainability and stewardship concepts inherent to reliability centered maintenance (RCM). It explains how these concepts apply to the components of an electrical system (the concepts can be used when auditing for electrical safety, training on electrical safety, and overseeing an upgrade or extension of a building’s electrical system). In addition, it addresses general electrical safety, electromagnetic field shields, ohm/resistance study criteria, arc flash hazard analysis, and hazardous energy control. The authors outline OSHA requirements and the reasons for those requirements, and explain the implementation exigencies.

This book:
* Describes power generation, transmittal, and usage
* Contains regulatory summaries from the OSHA electrical safety standards
* Presents the various types of electrical studies including arc flash, electromagnetic field, and ohm resistance investigations
* Discusses earthing grounds and overcurrent devices as overall components of electrical control and safety
* Offers an up-to-date discussions of arc flash criteria and evaluation needs that are linked to general electrical safety and grounding requirements
* Considers electromagnetic field physics, measurement, and control alternatives

Electrical Safety: Systems, Sustainability, and Stewardship provides a step-by-step dialogue of the OSHA requirements and more importantly the reasons for those requirements. Describing electrical use within industrial settings, and presenting a ground approach to understanding how electrical power is used, this book lays down the ground work for making important decisions.

* Defines complex electrical terms, making them easier for health and safety personnel to understand and use
* Explains electrical safety regulations in terms of the scientific principles behind the regulations
* Highlights key electrical safety and auditing procedures
* Shows how to implement an electrical sustainability program for a facility
* Outlines the concepts behind electric regulations and how the electrical regulatory concepts apply to components of an electrical system within a facility


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