Empowering Project Teams


Although project team members play crucial roles in projects, they often do not possess the required mastery of project management methodologies. As a result, dialog between project managers and team members is not as effective as it can be and can quickly become a source of stress and tension.

Empowering Project Teams: Using Project Followership to Improve Performance improves on this situation by presenting the project environment from the perspective of project team members. Re-interpreting project management methodologies and behaviors using a bottom-up approach, it explores the application of project followership in the key stages of project management. It details the methods and techniques that all project team members need to know and outlines the behaviors they should adopt to be successful in each stage of the project. The book is divided into five sections:
1. Introduces and explores the basic concepts of project management and project followership
2. Examines project start-up—the all too often underestimated set of activities that make it possible to make future activities less problematic
3. Highlights the importance of project planning
4. Focuses on execution and control of the project
5. Considers project closure and transfer and explains why this is an ideal time to determine if efforts invested have been rewarded

Despite an understanding that project success is directly proportional to the entire team’s ability to act as a managerial center of excellence, there has long been a need for a book dedicated to the individuals that participate in projects. Filling this need, this book is an ideal resource for anyone who regularly works as a member of a project team. Complete with case studies in each chapter, the book also includes exercises on the topics covered to facilitate understanding.

* Presents the project management skills that team members should have and outlines the behaviors they should adopt to be successful participants in a project environment
* Illustrates the project dynamics through the lenses of project team members
* Provides readers with tools and skills to improve project performance while increasing personal satisfaction
* Examines the end of a project as an important moment to determine if efforts invested have been rewarded


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