Energy Auditing for Industrial Facilities


Energy Auditing for Industrial Facilities is an introduction to the planning, conducting,documenting, and evaluating of an energy audit.

An energy audit identifies potential causes of energy or resource waste and serves as the first step in making a facility more energy efficient. Specific types of measurements and their interpretations are described for systems common in an industrial facility.

The textbook also covers prioritizing, implementing, and verifying energy-efficiency projects as well as giving suggestions for sustaining long-term results. After studying this material, technicians familiar with building systems and the use of test instruments will be able to participate in an energy audit.

This textbook is also key to educating managers on the benefits of an energy audit and the processes involved.

* This text also contains a CD-ROM. Included on the CD-ROM is the following:
* Quick Quizzes
* Illustrated Glossary
* Flash Cards
* Fluke Virtual Meters
* Reports and Forms
* Media Clips
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