Fuel & Combustion Systems Safety


Practical, easy-to-follow advice that saves lives

Based on the author’s thirty years of hands-on experience working in the field of industrial fuel systems and combustion equipment safety, this book integrates safety codes with practical, tested, and proven guidance that makes it viable to specify, operate, and maintain industrial fuel and combustion systems as safely as possible. Readers will learn about fuels, piping, combustion, controls, and risks from more than fifty “real-life stories” the author has integrated into each chapter so one can immediately see and understand the concepts presented.

The incidents depicted resulted in forty-six deaths, hundreds of serious injuries, and billions of dollars in losses. Each example is followed by lessons learned, helping readers understand what could have been done to avoid the disaster or minimize the resulting destruction of life and property.

The book begins with an introductory chapter that presents key concepts in industrial fuel and combustion systems safety. Next, chapters cover such topics as:
* Combustion and natural gas piping basics
* Gas supply system issues
* Gas piping repairs and cleaning
* Fuel trains and combustion equipment
* Boilers and their unique risks
* Controlling combustion risks: people, policy, equipment

The final two chapters address risks related to facilities outside of the United States, as well as business contingency planning related to fuels and combustion equipment. The last chapter explains how to plan for and then respond quickly and effectively to fuel or combustion system incidents.

Filled with practical, easy-to-follow advice that saves lives, Fuel and Combustion Systems Safety is an essential reference for everyone from equipment operators and maintenance personnel to corporate risk managers and global safety directors.


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