Guide to Environment Safety and Health Management


Although an integral part of the corporate world, the development and execution of a successful Environmental Safety and Health (ES&H) program in today’s profit-driven business climate is challenging and complex. Add to that the scarcity of resources available to assist managers in successfully designing and implementing these programs and you’ve got a perfect storm of regulatory and contractual agreements imposed on businesses. Guide to Environment Safety and Health Management: Developing, Implementing, and Maintaining a Continuous Improvement Program guides you through the challenges of developing and maintaining an effective ES&H program for any organization.

A strategic ES&H program that follows project management concepts can add to the bottom line in many ways; however, the exact financial gain cannot oftentimes be quantified in the near term and in hard dollars. Written by two experts with more than 50 years of combined experience, this book covers the primary areas of ES&H and key elements that should be considered in developing, managing, and implementing an effective, compliant, and cost-effective program.

Presenting information from a practical experience view, the book covers:
* Organizational structure and succession planning
* Fundamental understanding of EH&S functional areas
* Training
* Approach and measurement of continuous organizational improvement
* Project management of EH&S
* Application of technology
* Culture and trust in the workplace

Regulatory applicability depends on the type of business, product produced, and potential impacts to employees, the public, and the environment. Additionally, the perception exists with some business owners and executives that the “rules and regulations” imposed or enforced do not directly add to the bottom line. Giving you practical, from-the-trenches knowledge, the book outlines techniques and provides guidance for addressing the challenges involved in setting up EH&S programs. It shows you how your ES&H program can ensure regulatory compliance and contribute to the success of your company both monetarily as well as in shaping public perception.

* Covers optimal ES&H organizational design and structure
* Discusses a project management Approach to ES&H
* Details continuous improvement of the ES&H program
* Explains how an effective ES&H program can increase productivity and profit
* Provides a roadmap of ES&H leaders to develop, manage, and implement an effective and compliant program


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