HazChem Series DVD


The HazChem Series is an on-going series of training films produced by Emergency Film Group. Each program introduces fundamental lessons about safe handling and emergency response procedures for a specific chemical or class of chemicals.

Each includes footage of actual incidents combined with action-packed realistic training scenarios to get students up close as fire fighters, police, EMTs, and industry teams carry out procedures to mitigate incidents involving hazardous products.

Each Hazchem programs teaches:

* Hazardous properties of the product
* Occupancies where they are found
* Proper protective clothing
* Decontamination procedures
* Proper response to leaks, spills or fires
* Emergency medical treatment

DVDs included in the series:

* Introduction to Hazardous Chemicals
* Pesticides
* Anhydrous Ammonia
* Propane Butane & Propylene
* Benzene Toluene and Xylene
* Sodium Hydroxide & Potassium Hydroxide
* Chlorine
* Sulfuric Acid & Hydrochloric Acid
* Hazardous Waste
* Hydrogen Sulfide
* Inorganic Oxidizers



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