Indoor Air Quality Solutions for Stationary Engineers


Indoor Air Quality Solutions for Stationary Engineers provides an overview of IAQ problems, instruments and testing procedures, and how to maintain IAQ in institutional and commercial facilities. Required safety practices, environmental protection, and common building stationary engineering applications are emphasized throughout, with references to ANSI, EPA, and ASHRAE standards.

The textbook includes informative, full-color illustrations that enhance the content. Also included are review questions, scenarios based on chapter content, and procedures for using various test instruments.

Content Highlights:
* Indoor Air Quality
* Health Concerns
* Contaminants
* Safety
* Handheld Meter Testing
* Air Sampling and Testing
* IAQ Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing
* Hydronic System Balancing and Building Commissioning
* Prevention
* Preventive Maintenance
* HVAC Air Systems
* HVAC Controls
* Building Automation Systems for IAQ
* Homeland Security
* Troubleshooting and Mitigating IAQ Problems
* Appendix
* Glossary
* Index


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