Inorganic Oxidizers DVD


Provides training to emergency response personnel who may be called upon to respond to a leak, spill or a fire involving ammonium nitrate, calcium hypochlorite or nitric acid. This program covers:

* Basic hazard properties of liquid and solid oxidizers
* Safety techniques for handling an emergency involving inorganic oxidizers
* Where oxidizers might be found
* What hazards are specific to each chemical
* Symptoms of exposure
* How to assist victims who have been contaminated by oxidizers
* Safe storage and handling procedures
* Incompatibility issues
* First response, size-up, protective clothing and breathing apparatus for incidents
* Isolating the scene
* Controlling vapors, containing the spill, and evacuation
* Containers, DOT placarding, NFPA markings
* Protecting water supplies
* Fire fighting, decontamination and cleaning up spills.


Item #: HZ9610

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