Lean Waste Stream: Reducing Material Use


The fact that a process produces garbage is a testament to design inefficiency, and this book explains how to use the nature of that garbage to pinpoint and eliminate those inefficiencies. Lean Waste Stream: Reducing Material Use and Garbage Using Lean Principles supplies an unprecedented look at how to address business waste in a manner that will improve your organization’s environmental and financial performance.

Tackling the problem of business garbage from a Lean perspective, the book maintains a focus on how to minimize garbage in ways that cut costs. It considers the problem of garbage in terms of transportation, inventory, and labor costs—with an effort to connect reductions in garbage production at all stages with lower operating costs and improved productivity.

Explaining how to use garbage analysis as a tool to identify the problems in process flow that produced the garbage, this book describes how to look downstream for options to reuse, repurpose, and recycle garbage to minimize landfill impact and costs. The text includes practical exercises with step-by-step instructions, as well as real-world examples that illustrate how specific wastes have been dealt with profitably by various organizations.

* Supplies an unprecedented look at how to target business waste
* Focuses on minimizing garbage in ways that also cut costs
* Includes practical exercises with step-by-step instructions
* Provides real-world examples that demonstrate how specific wastes have been profitably dealt with by companies
* Offers Lean practitioners the opportunity to acquire a new specialization within the field of Lean and green


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