1078: Standard for Electrical Inspector Professional Qualifications


Increase the quality and accuracy of electrical inspections by complying with professional requirements outlined in the all new NFPA 1078.

Performing electrical inspections is a responsibility that has a significant impact on public safety. NFPA 1078, Standard for Electrical Inspector Professional Qualifications, was created to improve the quality of electrical inspections by establishing minimum qualifications of electrical inspectors.

Based on the recommendations of NFPA 78, Guide on Electrical Inspections, the debut 2020 edition of NFPA 1078 introduces minimum job performance requirements (JPRs) to validate that personnel serving as electrical inspectors possess the necessary skills and experience.

Make sure electrical inspectors meet the latest standards specified in NFPA 1078.

This document is intended primarily for use by credentialing organizations as the basis for examinations designed to identify qualified electrical inspectors. Applicants and inspectors-in-training can use the standard to learn about work expectations, while employers may reference it in creating job descriptions and identifying proficient candidates.

NFPA 1078 identifies various duties of electrical inspectors, with content covering these areas:

  • Administration: the scope, purpose, and application of the standard
  • Electrical inspector administration, plans review, and field inspection qualifications and requirements
  • Referenced publications from NFPA and other sources, including references for extracts in mandatory sections
  • General and NFPA official definitions relating to electrical inspections and inspector qualifications
  • Additional explanatory materials, including explanations and an overview of standards and concepts of JPRs for electrical inspectors, sample job definitions, and informational references

Help protect lives and property by accessing this critical resource for analyzing and establishing the knowledge and capabilities of electrical inspectors.

NFPA 1078, Standard for Electrical Inspector Professional Qualifications, is the preeminent document for understanding employment criteria and increasing your ability to confirm the competency and expertise of electrical inspectors. Place your order for the 2020 edition today.

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