Performing Plans Review for Life Safety Code Compliance


Pass inspections and prevent costly violations with the all-new Performing Plan Reviews for Life Safety Code Compliance.

Here’s the how-to-manual you’ve been waiting for! Packed with guidance and best practices for reviewing plans, it’s essential for AHJs, fire marshals, and building inspectors as well as people responsible for drawing the plans. This valuable Code companion walks you through the entire plan review process, pointing out pitfalls and clearing up areas of confusion.

Identify issues and inconsistencies quickly and confidently in the pre-build/design phase.

The sooner you recognize potential red flags, the sooner you can correct them to ensure plans will be approved. Learn what the common mistakes are with:
* Good vs. bad practices of architectural drawings
* 2D and 3D schematics
* Traps reviewers fall into
* Product worksheets, checklists, and tips specific to current and past Life Safety Code editions

Use this practical resource in conjunction with the LSC to ensure life safety and prevent delays and redos.

Written to the 2012 NFPA 101: Life Safety Code, Performing Plan Reviews features content and tools relevant to users of previous LSC editions, too, such as best practices and easy-to-use plan review worksheets. The spiralbound format opens flat to let you work comfortably and efficiently.

(Spiralbound, 432 pp., 2012)


Item #: PPR11