Plant Equipment and Maintenance Engineering Handbook


The best on-the-job field guide available today for anyone involved in heavy industry, especially commissioning engineers and personnel.

Plant Equipment & Maintenance Engineering Handbook gives engineers, managers, owners, and students information on how different equipment and processes in heavy industrial facilities, such as power plants, function, how equipment in industrial facilities operate, and what precautions should be taken in commissioning them.

The book details equipment and systems descriptions, from air compressors to water treatment. It contains a data log of all major industrial and power plant equipment, how they function, and rules of thumb to start them up. This practical guide includes hundreds of handy reference materials such as calculations and tables commonly used in the field. Its specific purpose is to provide a single source field guide for all aspects of commissioning for engineers and project managers.

* Organized by category of equipment
* Explains how equipment and systems react to classical properties
* Scores of suggestions and sample computations for many routine operations commonly used in the field
* Thousands of indispensable trade secrets in 22 chapters
* 22 supporting appendices, jam-packed with quick reference material at one’s fingertips
* Appendix of electrical parts “with common supplier nomenclature” difficult to find information
* Saves time in troubleshooting field problems
* Emphasizes problem prevention during design rather than troubleshooting during commissioning or operation.
* Fosters safer and more efficient engineering and construction.


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