Value Stream Mapping for the Process Industries


Providing a framework that highlights waste and its negative effects on process performance, value stream maps (VSMs) are essential components for successful Lean initiatives. While the conventional VSM format has the basic structure to effectively describe process operations, it must be adapted and expanded to serve its purpose in the process industry.

This book describes in detail how to create a complete VSM for a process industry manufacturing operation. Detailing the unique features of process operations and why they require additions and adjustments to traditional VSMs, the book walks readers through the steps in analyzing the map. It explains how to scope improvement projects, prioritize them, and then use future state VSMs to illustrate and motivate systemic improvement. In doing so, it supplies readers with a roadmap for a complete Lean transformation.

* Describes how to analyze the map for waste and flow issues so that they can be reduced and even eliminated
* Provides examples of the calculations needed for the flow parameters in data boxes
* Explains how the VSM concept can be applied to the entire supply chain
* Includes strategies for engaging your entire workforce in map creation

The book introduces a target manufacturing process and uses it to describe how to create a complete VSM. The target process is complex enough to illustrate the issues often encountered in mapping a process industry operation, but straightforward enough to explain all of the mapping considerations and decisions.

The book includes real examples of how VSMs brought much greater clarity to the real issues the processes faced and cases where the insight enabled management to avoid costly, inappropriate investments.

* Describes the unique features of process operations and why they require additions and adjustments to traditional VSMs
* Defines all of the terms required for process VSM data boxes and uses the example process to illustrate all of the calculations required
* Explains how to analyze the completed map to see all the wastes and the opportunities to improve flow
* Details how to quantify potential improvements, prioritize all opportunities, and create a future state VSM
* Sets a roadmap to achieve the future state, in a logical, integrated way
* Includes examples from real manufacturing processes that illustrate the benefits of VSM creation and analysis


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