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Implementing NFPA 1600: National Preparedness Standard
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Implementing NFPA 1600: National Preparedness Standard

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Protect your organization using Implementing NFPA 1600, National Preparedness Standard—plus ready-to-use forms on CD!

In today's world, having a comprehensive disaster/emergency and business continuity program is critical, but where is the best place to start? This authoritative new manual from NFPA explains how to develop a program in compliance with NFPA 1600, the Standard endorsed by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Along with the full 2007 Standard text, Implementing NFPA 1600 contains the practical, hands-on guidance business owners, managers, and consultants need for both private and public sector organizations. It provides expert assistance in every area involved with disaster/emergency management including:

* Mitigation
* Preparedness
* Response
* Recovery

Two-color visuals illustrate key concepts. A wealth of useful forms, worksheets, checklists, and surveys are provided in the text--such as a Risk Assessment Checklist, Cost-Benefit Analysis Worksheet, Hazard Mitigation Checklist, Utilities and Emergency Power Supplies Checklist, Pre-Incident Planning Form, Example Incident Action Plan, and many more. A CD is included with 27 forms in an interactive/printable format.

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