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Horticulture: Principles and Practices, 4th Ed.
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Horticulture: Principles and Practices, 4th Ed.

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Now in its fourth edition, Horticulture: Principles and Practices continues to explore horticulture as a science, an art, and a business, meeting the practical information needs of everyone involved in the discipline — from the small urban gardener/hobbyist to the large-scale producer.

Hailed by many as the leading text of its kind and the best introductory horticulture book available today, this new edition is completely updated to include the latest developments and newest technologies.

Chapters are organized into seven main parts:

1. The Underlying Science

What is Horticulture?; Classifying and Naming Horticultural Plants; Plant Anatomy; Plant Growth Environment; Plant Physiology; Breeding Horticultural Plants

2. Protecting Horticultural Plants

Biological Enemies of Horticultural Plants; Principles and Methods of Disease and Pest Control

3. Propagating Horticultural Plants

Sexual Propagation; Asexual Propagation

4. Growing Plants Indoors

Growing Houseplants; Controlled-Environment Horticulture; Greenhouse Production; Growing Succulents

5. Growing Plants Outdoors: Ornamentals

Principles of Landscaping; Nursery Production; Installation of the Landscape; Turf Production and Use; Pruning

6. Growing Plants Outdoors: Vegetables, Fruits, and Nuts

Growing Vegetables Outdoors; Herb Gardening; Establishment and Management of an Orchard; Organic Farming

7. Special Techniques and Handling of Horticultural Products

Floral Design; Terrarium Culture; Bonsai: The Art of Miniature Plant Culture; Post-Harvest Handling of Horticultural Products

New features include two sets of sixteen-page color inserts, over 150 new photos, and Industry Highlights provided by twelve horticulture experts. The color inserts are directly and effectively tied to the text and are referenced throughout. The Industry Highlights supplement the text with excellent illustrations and practical professional information to enhance topics in selected chapters.

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