A Comprehensive Look at Fraud Identification & Prevention


Fraudulent activity can approach you or your organization through a variety of avenues, ranging from the cyber world, social media, unsolicited e-mails, poor hiring practices, dishonest associates, and weak operating procedures. With a focus on prevention measures, A Comprehensive Look at Fraud Identification and Prevention presents proven tips, advice, and recommendations for fraud awareness, protection, and prevention.

The book supplies a detailed examination of the wide range of threats that exist to provide you with a plan to protect the assets of your organization, and even your own assets, against the many faces of fraud in today’s technologically advanced environment. The many types of fraud covered include:
* Employee theft and fraud
* Organizational fraud
* Identity theft and fraud
* Fraud against the elderly
* Internet, computer, and e-mail fraud
* Ponzi and pyramid schemes

The methods of prevention presented in the book are based on what is referred to as the path of least resistance. With fraud and other types of criminal activity, criminals take the path with the fewest barriers in their way. By implementing the methods presented in this book, you will be able to deter would-be criminals and send them on their way to search for easier targets with fewer barriers.

Discussion categories include identification and prevention aspects for organizational and individual frauds along with the many avenues used to facilitate the attacks. Explaining how some fraud typologies can overlap and co-mingle, the book provides the methods you need to protect your organization, and yourself, from becoming a target and victim of fraud.

* Presents proven tips, advice, and recommendations for fraud awareness, protection, and prevention
* Covers employee theft, organizational fraud, consumer fraud, identity theft, Ponzi and pyramid schemes, and cyber crime/fraud
* Explains how various fraud typologies can overlap and co-mingle
* Details how social media can be used to target a business or individual for fraud
* Provides a plan to help individuals and businesses protect their assets against the various types of fraud threats


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