Communications and Report Writing for Law Enforcement Professionals, 6th Edition


Communications and Report Writing for Law Enforcement Professionals, 6th Edition equips Canadian readers with the interpersonal, written, and reporting skills needed for a career in law enforcement and justice services. Students will learn how to obtain, file, and process information, and how to navigate specific scenarios that require effective communications to manage conflict.

Authors Jeffrey S. Rosnick and Dianna McAleer have conveniently divided this edition into two sections: communication skills, and report writing. Part I addresses the impact of effective communication and covers oral communication, active listening, writing foundations, and various writing forms, including emails, memoranda, and letters. Part II highlights the importance of report writing skills, including general occurrence reports, witness statements, and the Crown brief, stressing the importance of documentation in any investigation.

With a greater focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion, this new edition features more comprehensive coverage of law enforcement’s relationships with Indigenous and LGBTQ2+ communities. It also features an expanded discussion of technology and social media, additional “Apply Your Knowledge” scenarios, and a new chapter focusing on resumés, cover letters, and job interview tips.


  • Insights on EDI from expert contributor, Darion Boyington.

  • Increased content on radio etiquette and Radio 10-Codes.

  • Updated discussion that reflects recent changes to the delivery and format of the Written Communication Test.

  • “In the Field” and generic highlight boxes, illustrating examples of various law enforcement careers.

  • Interactive content for self-study, including quizzes, tests, and forms.


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