Conflict Management in Law Enforcement, 4th Edition


Conflict Management in Law Enforcement, 4th Edition exposes readers to situations that they will encounter in their law enforcement careers and provides the legislative and procedural knowledge needed to safely intervene in a dispute.

This edition includes expanded coverage of mental illness, updated statistics, and increased emphasis on de-escalation techniques. It also features two common problem-solving methods, CAPRA and PARE, to give readers the skills they need to communicate, counsel, mediate, advise, protect, and console in conflict situations. These methods are applied to real-life scenarios so that readers understand how to apply what they’ve learned on the job. By learning to manage conflict in this way, readers will have the abilities necessary to confidently and carefully approach various instances of conflict.

  • Helpful sidebar boxes to highlight and reinforce important information
  • Reorganized table of contents for ease of use
  • New figures and photos to illustrate key concepts
  • Updated role-play scripts and scenarios included with end-of-chapter exercises


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