Corporate Security Intelligence & Strategic Decision Making


Despite a clear and compelling need for an intelligence-led approach to security, operational, and reputational risks, the subject of corporate security intelligence remains poorly understood. An effective intelligence process can directly support and positively impact operational activity and associated decision-making and can even be used to drive the firm’s business in key markets. Corporate Security Intelligence and Strategic Decision-Making outlines the basic theory and supplies practical solutions for implementing an effective intelligence process in any commercial organization.

The main areas covered include how intelligence in the corporate security environment relates to strategic decision-making; the factors that drive the requirement for corporate security intelligence, as well as the main legislative and ethical imperatives; and how intelligence-led processes can not only prevent loss but also support business growth and revenue generation. Detailed topics include:
* Fundamental and theoretical ideas underlying intelligence work in the public and private sector
* The collection, validation, collation, and analysis of intelligence
* The effective and safe dissemination of intelligence material and the different reporting formats available
* The use of operational models to help guide structures, processes, and the deployment of resources
* How to implement an effective intelligence function in a corporate environment

The topics include real-life examples of where intelligence has been used to support corporate operations and demonstrate how the theory applies to these practical examples, based on years of experience. While corporate security is the natural home of intelligence, the tools and techniques outlined are of course equally applicable for any decision-support process—making this book valuable reading for any leader.


* Provides an understanding of the dynamic and risky global operating environment as well as emerging threats
* Outlines the rapidly changing political environment and the increased danger of businesses and individuals being targeted abroad
* Presents an alternate way to inform decisions to help compete for resources and opportunity in increasingly globalized markets
* Focuses on the need to deploy effective strategies in support of corporate social responsibility and duty of care


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