Crime and Intelligence Analysis in Canada


Crime and Intelligence Analysis in Canada provides a comprehensive introduction to the twin fields of crime analysis and intelligence analysis from a Canadian perspective. Written for both students and practitioners in public law enforcement and corporate security, this resource examines analytical methods, information systems, technologies, and governance issues, with a particular focus on Canadian institutional practices and contexts.

  • Overview of Canadian legal and legislative issues, criminal landscapes, law enforcement institutions, and information management practices
  • Thorough explanations of methodologies, including structured analytic techniques (SATs), link analysis, social network analysis (SNA), pattern analysis, trend analysis, and crime mapping
  • Discussions on the use of related technologies, such as geographic information systems (GIS)
  • Chapter on advanced analytics
  • Chapter on Canadian careers in crime and intelligence analysis
  • Canadian cases and examples relevant to both traditional law enforcement (public) and corporate security (private)
  • Highlight boxes in each chapter, emphasizing specific cases, concepts, and tips
  • Numerous graphics, tables, and illustrations
  • Chapter summaries and learning outcomes
  • End-of-chapter discussion questions and multiple choice questions
  • Definitions of key terms



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