Cybersecurity in Canada: Operations, Investigations, and Protection


Cybercrime is an ever-increasing threat to Canadians and Canadian businesses, presenting a huge challenge to companies and institutions. In response, organizations of all types require up to date strategies and techniques to protect themselves and their assets.

Cybersecurity in Canada: Operations, Investigations, and Protection—the first-ever introductory cybersecurity resource for a Canadian audience—is designed for both students and professionals, and provides a comprehensive overview of the technical, policy, and operational aspects of cybersecurity from a risk-management perspective.

“This excellent and timely resource addresses the ever-growing challenges that all organizations face in protecting their assets. Knowledge of cybercrime is no longer optional in the world of security, it is a basic requirement, and the wealth of industry knowledge in this wide-ranging book will benefit every reader.” —Amy Jantz (CFE, CCII), Mohawk College

Part I introduces readers to the field of cybersecurity, threat actors, network architecture, and the impacts of cybercrime. Part II examines common types of attacks, system vulnerabilities, and protection measures. Part III focuses on the tools and techniques for managing cybersecurity within an organization and conducting investigations. Part IV explores career paths and the future of cybersecurity, asking readers to consider the role of people, processes, and technology in securing the enterprise.


  • Numerous real-world cases of noteworthy cyber-attacks, including Pegasus spyware, the Mirai botnet, and many more.

  • Highlight boxes that illustrate core cybersecurity concepts and processes.

  • Insights from expert contributors: Tamra Alexander, Warren Bulmer, and Sherri Ireland.

  • A chapter devoted to career pathways and industry certifications in cybersecurity.

  • Detailed coverage of emerging technological advancements, including quantum computers and artificial intelligence.

  • Comprehensive discussion on balancing privacy rights and cybersecurity interests.

  • Guidance on cybersecurity awareness training, policy development, work-from-home security, and incident response planning for organizations and their employees.

  • End-of-chapter summaries, scenarios, and review questions.

  • A series of hands-on lab exercises.

  • A comprehensive glossary of key terms.

  • Full teaching supplements package.


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