Researching an individual’s, firm’s or brand’s online presence has become standard practice for many employers, investigators, and intelligence officers, including law enforcement. Countless companies and organizations are implementing their own policies, procedures, and practices for Internet investigations, cybervetting, and intelligence. Cybervetting: Internet Searches for Vetting, Investigations, and Open-Source Intelligence, Second Edition examines our society’s growing dependence on networked systems, exploring how individuals, businesses, and governments have embraced the Internet, including social networking for communications and transactions. It presents two previously unpublished studies of the effectiveness of cybervetting, and provides best practices for ethical cybervetting, advocating strengthened online security.

Relevant to investigators, researchers, legal and policy professionals, educators, law enforcement, intelligence, and other practitioners, this book establishes the core skills, applicable techniques, and suitable guidelines to greatly enhance their practices. The book includes the outcomes of recent legal cases relating to discoverable information on social media that have established guidelines for using the Internet in vetting, investigations, and open-source intelligence. It outlines new tools and tactics, and indicates what is and isn’t admissible under current laws. It also highlights current cybervetting methods, provides legal frameworks for Internet searching as part of investigations, and describes how to effectively integrate cybervetting into an existing screening procedure.

What’s New in the Second Edition:
* Presents and Analyzes results of two recent studies of the effectiveness of cybervetting
* Updates key litigation trends, investigative advances, HR practices, policy considerations, social networking, and Web 2.0 searching
* Includes the latest tactics and guidelines for cybervetting
* Covers policy, legal issues, professional methodology, and the operational techniques of cybervetting
* Provides a strengthened rationale, legal foundation, and procedures for successful cybervetting
* Contains compelling evidence that trends in legal, policy, and procedural developments argue for early adoption of cybervetting
* Presents new strategies and methodologies

Cybervetting: Internet Searches for Vetting, Investigations, and Open-Source Intelligence, Second Edition
is a relevant and timely resource well suited to businesses, government, non-profits, and academia looking to formulate effective Internet search strategies, methodologies, policies, and procedures for their practices or organizations.

* Discusses background vetting, criminal and administrative investigations, and open-source intelligence use
* Covers the legal, policy, privacy, and management issues posed by Internet misbehavior
* Provides policy and procedural frameworks for effective Internet searching in investigations and intelligence
* Presents real-world case examples of discoverable information on the Internet and how this information can be used for investigations
* Outlines liability and accountability issues for corporations accessing records online—public or otherwise


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