Diversity and Indigenous Peoples in Canada, 3rd Ed.


Diversity and Indigenous Peoples in Canada, 3rd Edition is an update to Diversity and First Nations Issues in Canada, 2nd Edition. This newly-titled version offers a concise and comprehensive look at the interactions between the justice system, and diverse and Indigenous individuals. This view is especially important for those pursuing careers in law enforcement who will require an awareness of, and sensitivity to, diverse personal and cultural identities.

The text is divided into two halves. The first half explores diversity issues and how the changing demographic composition of Canada presents issues for the criminal justice system, while the second provides an understanding of the socio-historical position of Indigenous Peoples. Overall, the text provides a balanced, up-to-date examination of diversity and justice for those working with Indigenous Peoples in Canada.


  • Examples, statistics, and cases related to all Indigenous Peoples in Canada
  • Includes suggestions for extended learning opportunities (e.g. online learning)
  • Chapters designed to be used both collectively and stand-alone, depending on the needs of existing curricula
  • Discussions surrounding the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, its recommendations and their implementation


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