Ethics in Criminal Justice & Public Safety, 5th Ed.


This new edition introduces readers to the core principles of ethical reasoning and their applications to the contemporary concerns and dilemmas faced by Canada’s law enforcement and public safety professionals, including police, correctional officers, border services, security, and others.

Part I discusses the importance of critical thinking, approaches and frameworks for ethical decision-making, and professional codes of ethics. Part II includes examinations of contemporary ethical issues, roles and responsibilities, use of force, and corruption. By addressing both theory and applications, readers will develop the ability to identify, resolve, and respond to the ethical dilemmas they will encounter in their future careers.

National in scope, this fifth edition addresses contemporary issues in Canadian society, including policing during the COVID-19 pandemic, safe injection sites, terrorism, and police interactions with minority communities. This edition also features a new chapter focusing on public safety corruption, examining police subcultures, reforms, and recruitment.



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