Fitness and Lifestyle/Fit For Duty, 6th Edition Bundle


Fitness and Lifestyle Management for Law Enforcement has been designed to address the need for Canadian content on fitness training and wellness concepts specific to law enforcement and justice services. This edition achieves that goal by providing students with lifestyle considerations that are key to building a mind and body that can handle the rigours of a career in this field.

This sixth edition includes updated BFOR testing standards applicable to a variety of services (including corrections workers, RCMP, OPP, local police, and security agencies) so students are prepared regardless of where they apply for jobs in the future. With a greater focus on mental health and wellness, this bestseller covers a range of challenges that students could face during their careers and provides them with the tools and strategies required to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Topics covered include difficulties with shift work and sleep, time management, nutrition, PTSD, potential health problems, cardio fitness, and more.

This bundle also includes the companion text, Fit for Duty, Fit for Life, which provides students with a resource that they can take into their workouts. This handbook uses photos and explanations to outline how to exercise safely and effectively, and makes it easy to track progress toward professional fitness standards by including training logs for students to fill out.


  • A new chapter on healthy eating habits.
  • Updated training to reflect the Ontario and Canadian Bona Fide Occupational Requirements (BFOR) standards.
  • Numerous highlights boxes: DYKPersonal PerspectiveFacts to Think AboutTop Tips, and FYI.
  • Coverage of resistance training, cardiovascular training, HIIT, and flexibility, with at-home workout variations.
  • Increased focus on wellness throughout.

  • Additional number of visual elements, including figures, photos, and tables.


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