Foundations of Criminal & Civil Law in Canada, 4th Ed.


Foundations of Criminal and Civil Law in Canada, 4th Edition is a comprehensive introduction to criminal and civil law written in a practical, user-friendly format. This edition reflects several important changes to the law and contains more recent and relevant cases that apply to each chapter.

Changes for the fourth edition anticipate shifting attitudes towards how to manage drugs, explore a new nation-to-nation approach to Canada’s Indigenous peoples, and examine the growing acceptance toward cultural and religious practices that have been brought into Canada from around the world. This edition also emphasizes the intersection between civil and criminal law, and features case studies that encourage students to reflect upon this intersectionality.

Other important topics discussed in the text include how to handle criminal law interventions in a way that is sensitive to the family law context, how the justice system accounts for historical harms done to Indigenous communities, and how the civil system recognizes Indigenous self-governance (Gladue courts, Gladue reports, constitutional status of Indigenous-run social programs). With such extensive coverage on important issues and changes, this edition can serve as your go-to resource on the law in Canada.


  • Updates to Case in Point boxes to reflect current issues within the law, including R v Fearon
  • Contains an increased number of questions at the end of chapters
  • Includes additional charts and graphs
  • Covers case law on Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, especially with respect to legal rights
  • Discusses the judicial process for exclusion of evidence based on a breach of the Charter, revised by the Supreme Court of Canada in 2009
  • Details recent changes to the Criminal Code on defences available to an accused personal (i.e. self-defence provisions)
  • Reflects upon intersectional issues through case studies and exercises


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