Global Information Warfare: New Digital Battlefield, 2nd Edition


Since the turn of the century much has happened in politics, governments, spying, technology, global business, mobile communications, and global competition on national and corporate levels. These sweeping changes have nearly annihilated privacy anywhere in the world and have also affected how global information warfare is waged and what must be done to counter its attacks.

In light of increased attacks since 2002, Global Information Warfare: The New Digital Battlefield, Second Edition provides a critical update on the nature and approaches to global information warfare. It focuses on threats, vulnerabilities, attacks, and defenses from the perspectives of various players such as governments, corporations, terrorists, and private citizens.

Upgrades to the Second Edition Include:
* Revised discussions of changes and impacts of global information warfare since 2002
* Updated analyses of the capabilities of several nation-states as well as nonstate actors
* A comprehensive list of incidents that have occurred in the past year to show the scope of the problem of GIW
* Discussions of post-9/11 governmental changes and shifting priorities with clearer hindsight than was possible in the first edition

The book underscores how hostile countries, business competitors, terrorists, and others are waging information warfare against adversaries, even from across the globe. It describes attacks on information systems through theft, Internet espionage, deception, and sabotage, and illustrates countermeasures used to defeat these threats.

The second edition of Global Information Warfare contains a wealth of information and detailed analyses of capabilities of contemporary information technology and the capabilities of the individuals and groups who employ it in their respective digital wars. It is a crucial source for gaining the best understanding of the current state of information warfare and the most effective ways to counter it.

* Provides a comprehensive and detailed look at information warfare
* Describes recent attacks on information systems through theft, deception, or sabotage
* Demonstrates countermeasures being mounted to defeat threats to information systems
* Discusses post-9/11 governmental changes shifting priorities with clearer hindsight than could have been applied in the first edition
* Introduces the ideas of awareness and resilience in combating future GIW threats


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