Guide to Martin’s Annual Criminal Code, 3rd Edition


Emond’s bestselling Guide to Martin’s Annual Criminal Code equips readers with the comprehension and research skills needed to effectively navigate Martin’s Annual Criminal Code.

Using simple language, screenshots, and excerpts from Martin’s, the third edition of Guide to Martin’s Annual Criminal Code demonstrates how to locate and use special features of Martin’s. These include the Annotations, the Criminal Code Concordance, and the Offence Grid.

Exercises and activities at the end of each section enable readers to practise their research skills and to master Martin’s on their own.

Guide to Martin’s Annual Criminal Code is ideal for law enforcement, law clerk, and paralegal criminal law courses.

  • Updates that complement Martin’s
  • Reproductions of pages from Martin’s
  • Examples that include the most common charges under the Criminal Code
  • Reorganized content that assists readers in progressing from examining the structure of Martin’s to properly completing the correct form to charging an accused under the Criminal Code
  • Exercises that solidify students’ research skills

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