Interviewing and Investigation, 4th Ed.


Written for both students and practitioners, Interviewing and Investigation, 4th Edition offers a comprehensive overview of evidence-based interviewing techniques, and related legal and psychological issues. Topics examined include different interview models, statement admissibility, primary and secondary cautions, the legal rights of detained individuals, considerations for interviewing vulnerable individuals, eyewitness identifications, common investigative errors, and more.

Author Kerry Watkins draws on decades of investigative interviewing experience and advanced academic training in criminology and law to provide an up-to-date Canadian resource on investigative practices. Updated case law, feature boxes, and scenarios not only illustrate key concepts and techniques, but also highlight the legal context in which investigative interviews take place and the steps that investigators can take to help ensure a statement’s admissibility.

The text concludes with a detailed review of previous investigative and failures, common errors, and risk management strategies for future investigative work. Readers will feel confident in their ability to navigate real-world situations and employ evidence-based interviewing methods to gather information from victims, witnesses, and suspects.


  • A new chapter dedicated to interviewing children and other potentially vulnerable people.

  • Case studies highlighting the application of key concepts in real-world legal disputes.

  • Insights from expert contributors: Joseph Eastwood, Sarah MacDonald, and Robert Thomas.

  • More comprehensive coverage of interview models: enhanced cognitive interview, the Reid technique, the strategic use of evidence, and the PEACE model.

  • Information and strategies on detecting deception, updated to reflect current research.

  • Up-to-date coverage of Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Criminal Code, the Youth Criminal Justice Act, and Canadian case law.

  • End-of-chapter key terms, suggested readings, and review questions.

“The book is both comprehensive and concise in terms of covering all the information needed by an investigative interviewer ….  I recommend this book to all who are interested in investigative interviewing as a practitioner, trainer, student, or researcher.”    – Dr. Davut Akca, Assistant Professor at Lakehead University and Senior Fellow at Orion Policy Institute

368 pgs/2022/


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