Introduction to Psychology for Law Enforcement, 2nd Ed.


Prepared by Dr. Shahé Kazarian, PhD and Dr. Mike Boisvert, PhD, this book provides a solid foundation in the basic principles of psychology that is accessible to a general arts audience without sacrificing accuracy, currency, or scope of coverage.

This text introduces psychological research methods and perspectives, reviews the biological basis for intellectual and sensory function, and discusses the most common psychological disturbances and diseases. Sleep problems and the effect of drugs on psychology are introduced, as are salient theories of learning, motivation, and personality.

The basics are delivered with clarity and precision, and are tested by means of insightful and thought-provoking exercises.


  • Each chapter begins with a Preview Scenario that leads into the content of the chapter
  • Includes exercises, review, and discussion questions at the end of each chapter
  • Features a detailed glossary that defines key terms in a clear and precise manner
  • Explains the biological basis for behaviour and the relationship between biology and psychology
  • Points to Remember at the end of each chapter summarize the significant information in each chapter
  • Practical discussion of psychology and how it relates to common law enforcement procedures, such as lineups and other elements of eyewitness memory
  • Instructor’s Resources include an Instructor’s Guide and PowerPoint presentations
  • Fully revised to include the latest updates in psychological research and understanding
  • Highlighted boxes in each chapter draw attention to practical applications and the controversies inherent in the principles discussed in law enforcement
  • New focus on the impact of increasing diversity in the ranks of law enforcement
  • New chapter on memory, intelligence, and problem solving outlines one of the leading causes of wrongful conviction: inaccurate eyewitness identification and the role that the fragility of memory plays in this phenomenon


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