Managing Security Overseas: Protecting Employees & Assets in Volatile Regions


Threats to multinational corporations come in two forms: natural and

This book illustrates the types of risks that confront
corporations when working outside of North America. It provides key
tools and understanding that are required to do business in a safe and
secure manner, no matter the level of risk. It walks through a logical
framework for safety and security program development from Day One.

Using real-world case studies and examples, the book is a useful
reference to security managers, security consultants, contractors,
frequent global business travelers, and for those who are presently or
soon-to-be assigned in overseas positions.

Providing a Blueprint for Establishing a Safety and Security Program, This Book Explains How To:

  • Identify natural and man-made risks, liabilities, and security threats to employees and assets outside of the country
  • Create pre-deployment training programs to provide personnel with resources to keep them safe
  • Establish policies, procedures, programs, and technologies for locating employees around the world at a moment’s notice
  • Gear programs towards employees who do not feel the need to be protected
  • Develop comingling crisis management and security plans for overseas projects
  • Liaison with foreign law enforcement, government agencies and militaries, and how to best utilize U.S. and Western government resources


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