Measuring Security Performance and Productivity


This book is about measuring the operation performance of the security function within an organization. The means and methods of measuring performance is a subject that has been inadequately dealt with over the last sixty years of developing security programs.

Now, more than ever, management requires assurances that existing security programs will work when needed and that proposed programs will focus on abating exposure to loss. Each chapter in this book provides appropriate measurement tools and offers techniques for aligning the goals of the security program with the goals of the corporation.

Becoming satisfied with past performance to a degree that testing existing security systems and processes is not done, will almost certainly result in failure. An even greater threat of failure is not acknowledging that the security function has the same requirements for productivity as any of the corporation’s other functions. Security practitioners are expected to provide both hard proof of the value of the security function and clear and convincing evidence of a state of readiness.

This text will help achieve the objectives of better performance and improved productivity.


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