Mental Health Effects of COVID-19



The psychical effects of COVID-19 are felt globally, but one issue that has not been address is the effects on mental health during and post-COVID-19. Citizens are enduring wide-spread lockdowns, children are out of schools, loss of jobs, and more have caused millions to experience anxiety, depression, insomnia, distress and more. Moreover, there is an ethical dilemma in treating patients with overwhelmed health systems. Pandemic Mental Health: Coping in a COVID-19 Environment, provides a comprehensive analysis of mental health problems due to COVID-19, including depression, suicidal thoughts and attempts, trauma, and PTSD. The book includes chapters detailing the impact of COVID-19 on the family’s wellbeing and society dynamics. The book concludes with an explanation on how meditation and online treatment methods can be used to combat the effects on mental health.

Key Features

> Discusses family dynamics, domestic violence and aggression due to COVID19

> Details the psychological impact of COVID19 on children and adolescents

> Includes key information on depression, anxiety and suicide as a result of COVID-19

348 pages, softcover


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