Physical Security Principles


Physical Security Principles
is meant to serve three purposes. First, the authors, reviewers and
other contributors hope that security professionals worldwide will find
it to be a valuable desk reference on aspects of the practice of
physical security. Second, the book may be an appropriate text for
college and CTE (career and technical education) courses related to
physical security. Third, it is a comprehensive reference for those
interested in obtaining a certification in physical security.

This work presents, discusses, and contracts principles and practices in
a complementary fashion and demonstrates their interrelatedness in
every organization and every setting on a global scale. The objective
for the security professional is to leverage longstanding widely
accepted concepts and tailor them to the particular situation at hand to
best meet the identified protection objectives. All this must be done
within the constraints of cost, time, space, culture, regulations, and
operational needs. It is a challenge indeed, and this book is meant as a
resource to help lay the groundwork for successful physical security
projects in every situation.

Each of the book’s four sections offers practical, real-world tools for
planning and implementing physical security in contemporary society:

  • Part I deals with the underlying concepts of security risk
    management and how they translate into effective and efficient security
  • Part II gives an overview of design principles and practices
  • Part III addresses the specific tools and techniques within the
    framework of structural, electronics, and human means collaborating to
    satisfy protection objectives
  • Part IV focusses on the project management aspects of security in both principle and practice
  • Appendices define key security terms and address special considerations for high-rise buildings

The breadth and depth of this manual will appeal to those with a
responsibility for physical security within their organization as well
as veteran security professionals seeking to enhance their skills or
pursuing professional credentials through certification.


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