Risk Management: 10 Principles


Recent global developments have fundamentally changed the landscape for conducting businesses and undertaking social transactions. It is more important than ever to step back and take a broader view of managing risks across all areas of the business. Aimed at small- and medium- sized enterprises, which represent the majority of business units globally, Risk Management: 10 Principles outlines the ten major risk factors every business must consider when establishing a risk management system.

Now fully updated after being in print for over 20 years, this book focuses on taking a practical and holistic approach to identifying potential risks and considering how best to manage these risks. Modern topics cover the move to home working for many because of COVID- 19 and increased risk in supply chains, plus many more. Case studies and self- reflection questions are included throughout, with additional checklists available to download to help you focus on particular areas of the business. This readable and entertaining text intends to help the non- expert establish a workable risk management system across all parts of their organization, especially in smaller business units where a risk management professional is not part of the workforce.

Restructured and reordered to bring the content right up to date, this book is geared towards those working in small- and medium- sized enterprises, business consultants working with client companies, and as an introductory reader for those new to the concepts of risk management, including safety and environmental consultants and students on occupational health and safety and environmental studies courses.


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