Search and Seizure


Search and Seizure provides a practical examination of the evolving body of legal rules and principles that govern how reasonable searches and seizures are conducted. In particular, it considers the increased complexity of assessing a person’s reasonable expectation of privacy in the digital age. This handbook addresses central concerns and relevant topics such as Section 487 Search Warrants, computer device searches, warrantless searches, and exclusion of evidence.

This all-in-one comprehensive guide analyzes every perspective, including those of the rights-holder, the police officer conducting a search or seizure, prosecutors and defence counsel, and judges reviewing police conduct after the fact.

“‘Search and Seizure‘ is not only a guide to the here and now; it will help chart a path through the uncertain terrain of the future. With its principled analysis, practical wisdom, and hands on, how-to format, it is a must have for anyone involved in the enforcement and administration of criminal justice.”
—Justice Renee M. Pomerance

Author Information

In September 2020, author Nader Hasan was listed in Canadian Lawyer as one of the Top 25 Most Influential in the justice system and legal profession in Canada—specifically in the Human Rights, Advocacy and Criminal category.


Winner of the 2021 Walter Owen Book Prize


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