Security Manager’s Guide to Disasters: Managing Through Emergencies, Violence, & Other Workplace Threats


Terrorist or criminal attack, fire emergency, civil or geographic
disruption, or major electrical failure—recent years have witnessed an
increase in the number of natural disasters and man-made events that
have threatened the livelihoods of businesses and organizations

Security Manager’s Guide to Disasters: Managing Through Emergencies, Violence, and Other Workplace Threats
examines the most significant emergencies that may confront the
security manager and provides comprehensive guidance on how to prepare
for a potential crisis, what to do in the event of one, and how to
mitigate the effects.


  • Examines the fundamental role and need for disaster and emergency management policies and procedures
  • Presents a comprehensive array of various natural disasters and man-made events that could occur
  • Provides a framework for successfully confronting each and every one of these occurrences
  • Offers instruction on the recovery and restoration of the business enterprise

The author discusses all types of disasters, covering a range of major occurrences that could threaten or harm any business or institutional entity. These include terrorism, industrial espionage and sabotage, workplace violence, strikes, natural disasters, fires, medical emergencies—the topics run the gamut of events that security directors, loss prevention professionals, and risk managers may confront in the course of their duties.

The book provides strategies for preventing or reducing the severity of an incident and initiating immediate and professional responses to reduce the loss of life, injuries, property damage, and liability. It also provides instruction on adequate interaction and cooperation with public safety agencies, local government, and other public and private utility services. By focusing on response, recovery, and restoration, this essential reference lays out a system for placing the business or institution back into operation as soon as possible.


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