See Yourself in Cyber: Security Careers Beyond Hacking


An expert demonstration of weaving security into your organization’s culture

See Yourself in Cyber: Security Careers Beyond Hacking is an easy-to-follow and expansive discussion of how everyone in your organization can meaningfully contribute to strengthening its cybersecurity infrastructure. You’ll discover how developers, DevOps practitioners, managers, and others can bring their skills to improving your firm’s cyber backbone.

The author explains the realities of cybersecurity improvement via the familiar analogy of the color wheel, outlining how each role and competency occupies its own “slice” of the wheel. He also discusses the importance of improving your firms’ diversity and inclusion policies, demonstrating how improvements in this area can dramatically improve the talent of your team and the security of your organization. You’ll find specific and actionable strategies throughout the book, allowing you to immediately implement its ideas and realize real-world results.

Filled with case studies, real-life examples, and interviews with accomplished business and technical leaders, See Yourself in Cyber is a must-read for managers, directors, executives, policymakers, regulators, and compliance professionals with a stake in improving cybersecurity, either within an organization or across the world.


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