Shoplifting: Managing the Problem


Every business and commercial enterprise is victimized by theft, but the retail industry’s exposure to customer theft, in the form of shoplifting, is unparalleled. The cost of the thefts coupled with the costs to combat the crime is calculated in the billions of dollars every year.

The staggering sums, in most part, are passed on to the consumer by way of higher prices. But a relatively new phenomenon has appeared on the American scene, which further exacerbates the financial drain, and it’s commonly referred to as “the litigious explosion.” That is to say, it’s no longer just a simple matter of preventing the theft, or catching the perpetrator of the theft.

The focus today is HOW you prevent it, HOW you detain the individual, and HOW you resolve dealing with the detainee who engages in the crime – without creating or inviting legal liability.

Shoplifting: Managing the Problem, written by two nationally known experts addresses those issues which constitute the mainstream of civil action complaints against the retailer and its agents, including but not limited to the use of force, invasion of privacy, false arrest, negligence, malicious prosecution, and other “causes of action.”

The authors have many years of experience as consultants and expert witnesses for attorneys representing both retailers and plaintiffs. There have been significant changes in loss prevention procedures recent years, and this work covers critical issues about surveillance, apprehension, training, litigation avoidance, and much more. This book is essential for loss prevention personnel everywhere.


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