Soft Targets & Crisis Management: What Emergency Planners & Security Professionals Need to Know


Uniting the best of Michael Fagel and Jennifer Hesterman’s books in the fields of homeland security and emergency management, the editors of this volume present the prevailing issues affecting the homeland security community today. Many natural and man-made threats can impact our communities—but these well-known and highly respected authors create order from fear, guiding the reader through risk assessment, mitigation strategies, community EOC planning, and hardening measures based upon real-life examples, case studies, and current research in the practice.

As terrorist attacks and natural disasters continue to rock the world, Soft Targets and Crisis Management emphasizes the vulnerability of soft targets like schools, churches, and hospitals, and presents the methodology necessary to respond and recover in the event of a crisis in those arenas.

* Based on ASIS award-winning texts
* Provides a multi-faceted look at crisis management principles
* Offers community-specific examples for diverse locales and threat centers
* Includes up-to-date case studies on soft target attacks from around the world

A must-read for security, emergency management, and criminal justice professionals, Soft Targets and Crisis Management: What Emergency Planners and Security Professionals Need to Know is a crucial text for practitioners seeking to make the world a safer place for others.

* Written by well-known and respected authors in the field collaborating to provide the community with powerful ideas and tools
* Supplies an all-encompassing, multi-faceted look at crisis management principles and their applications in the real world
* Offers practical examples and methods to give planners ideas on what might work best in their communities


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